Creativity should have no restrictions or boundaries

The International Pavilion brings the internationsl retail community together with the world of design and production to disucss future challenges. Participants in the pavilion are encouraged to think outside the box, to approach retail design from new perspectives, to fine-tune ideas, and most importantly to become inspired! The pavilion will invite international design and branding companies to participate, combining international retail design ideas with regional markets and local design experience.

DCG Display & Design Co., Ltd. is the concept and production partner of this unique International Pavilion where companies display their innovations and ideas in retail design and, in turn, receive feedback from retail professionals.

If you are retailers, architects, shop fitters and interior designers looking for inspirations, you can’t afford to miss the International Pavilion!

DCG Display & Design Co Ltd, set up for almost 20 years, is a one stop display production house. Experienced on traditional materials application and specializing on environmental friendly materials, should be able to propose the best option for different industries. For detail, please check