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Global suppliers and trend leaders will provide updates of the latest technology and design products to help you transform your store, improve efficiency, save cost, and increase business. In Retail Asia Conference & Expo 2018, over 50 FREE seminars and workshops have been held on various hot topics in the retail industry, such as security, supply chain solution, retail design trends, interactive shopping experience, development in China, e-Commerce, loyalty program, interactive devices… No matter what your expertise is, we can guarantee that you will be inspired.

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*All seminar sessions will be presented in English


2018 Seminar Schedule

Ken Ho
Senior Business Development Manager
Huawei International Co., LTD
Neil Arrowsmith
Global CEO
Greater Group
John Sydoruk
Managing Director, Asia
Luca Lam
CEO, Founder
Blue Mount International Limited
Matthieu Rochette Schneider
General Manager
Bryan Smith
Director of Strategy and Business Development
Elevate Digital
Julian Delamain
Brand Strategy Director
Geometry Hong Kong
Mollie Holland
Business Development Manager & Transportation Market Leader, Greater China Area
3M China Limited
Matthew Lovett
Director of Retail
Daniel Wan
Founder & President
Asia Society of Visual Merchandisers
Victor M. RUIZ
actiMirror Corporation Limited
David Cheung
VP, Sales & Marketing
Dodoca Information Technology (HK) Ltd
Anthony Wai
Senior Technology Solutions Director, Asia Pacific and Japan
Laura Cavanna
Retail Design Leader
Eddie Rong
Robert Tran
Managing Director
Straub Collaborative
Liam McDonald
Managing Director
Ben Chuk
Senior Business Development Representative
Lauren Zhao
UPS Hong Kong and Macau Managing Director
UPS Parcel Delivery Service Ltd.
Malcolm Koh
Customer Experience Strategist
Fung Wai Lim, William
Regional Sales Director
Able Mobile Limited
Dee Dee Lam
Senior Business Development Manager
EFT Payments (Asia) Limited
Michael Wong
Head of Sales, Asia-Pac
Keith Lee
Danny Yu
Senior Consultant
TIBCO Software Inc.
Jeremey Sea
Senior Manager, Commercial Marketing APAC
Tyco Retail Solutions
Carl Chan
Business Development Director
IWT Limited
Alfons Futterer
Managing Director
NanoMatrix International Limited
Ivan Ng
Lively Impact Technology Ltd
Eric Ng Ka Ka
Chief Executive Officer
Boutir Limited
Tiffiany Lung
Retail Analyst
Paul Baptist
Senior Director

J.D. Eden Consulting Company Limited
Laku Zheng
Asia Pacific Marketing Manager
Elo Touch Solutions
Lien Ip
Business Development Director
SynoCode Group Limited (Solution Partner of Qlik)
Alan Cheng
Sales Manager
Tradelink E-Biz Secure Solutions Limited (TESS)
Paco Chan
Ryan Wong
Sales Manager
Motive Power Limited
Louis Li
Senior Business Development Manager
Ryan Chan
Product & Solution Director
Hightech Company Limited
Ray Wong
Managing Partner
Biscovery Limited
Baljin Gill
Strategic Partnerships Manager
Michael Masiello
Managing Director
Krisp Systems Pte Ltd.
Aaron Liu
Product Marketing Manager
Arthur Chan
Danny chong
Regional Manager, Hong Kong & Taiwan
Mira Tang
Southern China strategy Consultant
TT Retail Solutions Limited
Mr Edouard Hocde
Project Lead,
55 the data company
Mr Charles Grosperrin
Senior Data Analyist,
55 the data company
Rajroshan Sawhney
Head, Strategy & Corporate Development
Alexis Wong
MobiJuce Limited
Samuel Hui
Hong Kong Broadband Network Limited
Co-Owner & Lead | Digital
Kitty Chiu
Richmond & Finch
Senior Consultant
Ricky Lai
FWM Restaurants
Benoît Clément-Bollée
3-day-schedule of Technology in Retail
12 June (TUE) - Technology in Retail
10:30Consumer Behavior Trend and Solutions in the Age of Boundaryless Retail
Ben Chuk, Senior Business Development Representative of
11:05Understanding Asia Online Shoppers - UPS Pulse of the Online Shopper™ Study
Lauren Zhao, UPS Hong Kong and Macau Managing Director of UPS Parcel Delivery Service Ltd.
11:40I Can't Get No Satisfaction: Building a Great Omnichannel Customer Experience
Malcolm Koh, Customer Experience Strategist of Zendesk
12:15O2O Retailing with AI logistics
Fung Wai Lim, William, Regional Sales Director of Able Mobile Limited
12:50Mobile payment solutions for retail commerce
Dee Dee Lam, Senior Business Development Manager of EFT Payments (Asia) Limited
13:25Never Miss a Sale with Frictionless Retail
Michael WONG, Head of Sales, Asia-Pac of Cegid
13:40Lunch Break
14:00Uplift your business by 30% with an effective mobile loyalty program
Keith Lee, Co-founder of Mobile.Cards
14:25Reshape the Retail Customer Experience - Analyzing the Data Coming out of Your APIs
Danny Yu, Senior Consultant of TIBCO Software Inc.
14:50ShopperTrak’s Market Intelligence - Benchmark your performance with global retail traffic indexes
Jeremey Sea, Senior Manager, Commerical Marketing, APAC of
Tyco Retail Solutions
15:153 Ways AI will Help Retailers to Boost Sales
Carl Chan, Business Development Director of IWT Limited
15:50NFC Solutions: Experience the Shopping Fun with Smart Business Intelligence
Alfons Futterer, Managing Director of NanoMatriX International Limited
16:25Data-driven Marketing for your Retail Business
Ivan Ng, CEO of Lively Impact Technology Ltd
17:00How do retailers evolve to O2O?
Eric Ng Ka Ka, Chief Executive Officer of Boutir Limited
13 June (WED) - Technology in Retail
10:30Automated power bank rental service adds value to in-store shopping experience
Alexis Wong, CEO of MobiJuce Limited
10:45Move over Millennials, it’s time for Gen Z - Live focus group forum with the next generation of shoppers
Tiffany Lung, Retail Analyst of Tofugear
11:30Bringing Retailers Closer to Customers
Paul Baptist, Senior Director of Salesforce
Samuel Hui, Co-Owner & Lead | Digital of Hong Kong Broadband Network Limited
J.D.Eden Consulting Company Limited
12:50Elo Omni Channel Solutions
Laku Zheng, Asia Pacific Marketing Manager of Elo Touch Solutions
13:25Unlocking the Power of Big Data Analytics with Qlik
Lien Ip
Business Development Director of SynoCode Group Limited (Solution Partner of Qlik)
13:40Lunch break
14:00New Retail Transformation
Mira Tang, Southern China Strategy Consultant of TT Retail Solutions Limited
14:25Smart POS, Smart Customer, Frictionless Payment Experience
Alan Cheng, Sales Manager of Tradelink E-Biz Secure Solutions Limited (TESS)
14:50Enable Smart In-Store Fulfilment, Inventory Exchange & 4-hr Store-to-Door Services
Paco Chan, Co-Founder of HK PICK-UP
15:15Opportunity not be Missed: 2018 Hong Kong eCommerce Trend
Ryan Wong, Sales Manager of Motive Power Limited
15:50Essential Criteria for a Successful eCommerce Solution
Louis Li, Senior Business Development Manager of RedSo
16:25Efficient Cash Management in Retail Industry
Ryan Chan, Product & Solution Director of Hightech Company Limited
17:00AI on Retail in Practice
Ray Wong, Managing Partner of Biscovery Limited
14 June (THUR) - Technology in Retail
11:05Revolutionizing Retail with Customer Data
Baljin Gill, Strategic Partnerships Manager of Tealium
11:40In-store retail: Embracing technology for success
Michael Masiello, Managing Director of Krisp Systems Pte Ltd
12:15Honeywell solution in new retail application
Aaron Liu, Product Marketing Manager of Honeywell
12:50Integrating Hardware-less Indoor Positioning and Big Data into Malls
Arthur Chan, Director of SagaDigits
13:25Leveraging A.I. and personalization to drive digital growth
Danny Chong, Regional Manager, Hong Kong & Taiwan of Insider
13:40Lunch Break
14:25Visual Search: The Future of Ecommerce
Rajroshan Sawhney, Head, Strategy & Corporate Development of ViSenze
15:00Measuring the "Research Online Purchase Offline" phenomenon
Edouard Hocdé, Project Lead of 55 the data company
Charles Grosperrin, Senior Data Analyst of 55 the data company
3-day-schedule of Retail Experience Seminar
12 June (TUE) - Retail Experience
12:30How Clouds Enterprise Intelligent Drives Retail Innovation
Ken Ho, Senior Business Development Manager of Huawei International Co., Ltd
13:15Retailing in 2021 - How do you get ready for it?
Neil Arrowsmith, Global CEO of Greater Group
14:00Data Deciphered: Strategies for Managing Your Critical Operational Costs
John Sydoruk, Managing Director, Asia of Givex
14:45VM Evolution - Diagnosing Shopping Malls in China and Prescribing a fresh dose of VM + Technology
Luca Lam, CEO & Founder of Blue Mount International Limited
15:30Improving Shoppers Experience through Innovative Retail Design
Matthieu Rochette Schneider, General Manager of centdegrés
16:15How are the Leaders in Retails using SEO to lower the cost of their Paid Advertising (SEM)?
Bryan Smith, Director of Strategy and Business Development of Elevate Digital
13 June (WED) - Retail Experience
11:00What can we learn about the future of shopping from Travel Retail?
Julian Delamain, Brand Strategy Director of Geometry Hong Kong
11:45Sustainable solutions for Retail
Mollie Holland, Business Development Manager & Transportation Market Leader,
Greater China Area of 3M China Limited
12:30Using artificial intelligence to increase sales and stay competitive
Matthew Lovett, Director of Retail of Omnilytics
13:15How are the Leaders in Retails using SEO to lower the cost of their Paid Advertising (SEM)?
Bryan Smith, Director of Strategy and Business Development of Elevate Digital
14:00Visual Merchandising in the Era of New Retail
Daniel Wan, Founder & President of Asia Society of Visual Merchandisers
14:45The role of smart mirrors in the digital transformation process
Victor M. RUIZ, CEO of actiMirror Corporation Limited
15:30Inside Retail Forum - The Experiential Retail case studies
Kitty Chiu, Senior Consultant of Richmond & Finch
Ricky Lai, CEO of FWM Restaurants
Benoît Clément-Bollée, CEO - ASIA of Storefront
14 June (THUR) - Retail Experience
11:00Use WeChat Marketing to reach Chinese consumers
David Cheung, VP, Sales & Marketing of Dodoca Information Technology (HK) Ltd
The importance of protecting personal data under the GDPR
Anthony Wai, Senior Technology Solutions Director, Asia Pacific and Japan of Sophos
12:30Quantify the X factor of design
Laura Cavanna, Retail Design Leader of Gensler
13:15Lunch Break
14:00Retail and Payment: cash or cashless?
Eddie Rong, CEO of Heycoins
14:45The importance of good photography in E-commerce
Robert Tran, Managing Director of Straub Collaborative
15:30Marketing Solutions. What’s the difference and which ones for me?
Liam McDonald, Managing Director of LemonSeven