Making its exciting debut at RAE 2018 is the Retail Asia Trend Trail. This one-of-a-kind walk through exhibition experience connects leading consumer solutions with visitors as soon as they walk through the doors–making a great first impression. Visitors can get hands-on with these products before entering the main exhibition hall, and retailers benefit from having their products as the first thing visitors clap eyes on. Global branding agency, FITCH, will bring this special feature to life with design that gives an immersive, memorable and one-of-a-kind feel. Join us to explore the latest innovations in this unique trend trail.

The universal “shopper mindstates’ (DELE) will be applied in this Trend Trail:

  • Dreaming (traffic): be inspired, learning, having fun
  • Exploring (trial): browse easily, more information, narrow choices
  • Locating (transaction): easy to find, useful reminders, reassurance
  • Experiencing (satisfaction): care and advice, active community, getting most out of purchase

Some of the selected hot products: