Retail Tech & Experience Theatre

Retail Tech & Experience Theatre 零售科技及體驗研討會

The FREE seminars address current challenges and shed light on issues arising in the new retail era. Retailers and brand managers are welcome to attend and gain new insights to better plan and run their businesses.

All seats will be arranged on a first-come-first-served basis, priority will be given to visitors who have registered on the Event Registration page. 座位有限, 先到先得, 於活動登記頁面預先報名之買家可優先入座。

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 11 NOVEMBER 2020, Wednesday
11:30am – 1:30pm HONG KONG BRANDS ASSOCIATION (1C-638)


主持:吳秋全 / Charles Ng
(香港品牌協會創會主席 / MCL品牌企劃首席顧問)



《特許經營 X 智能洗衣的商機》

SmartMe 智能地產平台總監黃海霆主講



1:45pm – 2:15pm EASY PURCHASE LTD (1C-605)

99% of Retail Companies Want to Enter the China Market but 99% of Them Failed. Who is the 1%?
Your decision thinking would be changed after this sharing as we are going to use real cases to cover our topic.
Mr Tony Cheung, CEO, Easy Purchase Ltd
Mr Tony Cheung, CEO, Easy Purchase Ltd
Email: [email protected]

2:30pm – 3pm VICPRO (HK) CO LTD (1C-601)
Business Recovery Strategy After COVID-19
Sharing the latest WeChat marketing trends and insights, how VicPro can help to explore new sales channel with our professional WeChat related marketing services and business recovery strategies.
Ms Phoebe Leung, Digital Marketing Manager, VicPro (HK) Co Ltd
Ms Phoebe Leung, Digital Marketing Manager, VicPro (HK) Co Ltd
Tel: +852 2972 0926 | Email: [email protected]

3:15pm – 3:45pm INNOCORN TECHNOLOGY LTD (1C-406)
How AI is Changing Retail
We will introduce how can AI chatbot help and be used in Retail Industry, together with Facial, Voice, Image and Product Recognition.
  Mr Daniel Lee, Co-Founder, Innocorn Technology Ltd
Mr Daniel Lee, Co-Founder, Innocorn Technology Ltd
Email: [email protected]

4pm – 4:30pm SYNOCODE GROUP LTD (1C-512)
How Data Accelerates Retail Evolution Under COVID-19
The pandemic of COVID-19 is bringing emergencies and notably transformations to the retail industry. Indoor position and shopping path are reaching a new innovation under the maintenance of social distancing. New sources type of data, altered customer preferences, and innovated technologies have made retailing more challenging. Our speech targets to bring together industry expertise; no matter you are just getting started on your analytics journey or looking to accelerate gains!
Mr Stephen Wong, Senior Sales Manager, SynoCode Group Ltd (Qlik®, Alteryx & Jedox Partner) 
Ms Katie Li, Assistant Manager – Admin & Marketing, SynoCode Group Ltd
Tel: 3170 2772 | Email: [email protected]

4:45pm – 5:15pm REASONABLE SOFTWARE HOUSE LTD (1C-426)

Create a new era of retail through growth hacking! 透過增長黑客創造零售新時代!
Don’t want your business to be affected by the epidemic? How to survive in the epidemic market and even explore business opportunities? No business without customers patronizing your store? Is your guest yours or the owner’s? In recent years, the rapid development of information technology has made online shopping popular.
Reasonable Software House Limited will hold a seminar to deconstruct online and offline marketing strategies. Here, you will learn to master the needs of consumers, optimize the customer experience, and welcome the era of online and offline integration of virtual reality.不想你的生意受疫情影響?如何在疫市求存,甚至開拓商機?沒有客人光顧你的門市就沒有生意?究竟你的客人是你的還是業主的?如何近年資訊科技發展迅速,網上購物大行其道。思齊軟件將舉辦研討會,解構線上線下營銷策略。在這裏你將會學懂掌握消費者的需求,優化顧客體驗,迎接線上線下虛實整合的時代。
Mr Alan Wo, Director, Reasonable Software House Ltd
Ms Venice Tai, Marketing Consultant, Reasonable Software House Ltd
Tel: 3613 0525 | Email: [email protected]
 12 NOVEMBER 2020, Thursday
 11:30am – 12pm MORE THAN MEDIA OUTDOOR LIMITED  (1C-401)
  Enhancing Customer Experience with 3D Holographic Technology
In entering 5G era, retail business and marketers are looking for revolutionary solution to bring extraordinary shopping and purchasing experience to their customers. We pride ourselves as the gamer changer and lead the 3D holographic tech in applying and utilizing it in different businesses to enhance branding and fused with their product and services to bring unparalleled experience to customers. Our 30 holographic tech will provide a brand new visual experience in future advertising.
  Mr Kevin Chung, Managing Director, More Than Media Outdoor Limited
Ms Vivian Wong, Account Manager | Mr Trevor Cheng, Business Development Director
Email: [email protected] | [email protected]

12:15pm – 12:45pm GOIP AULA LTD (1C-526)
SDWAN, Next Generation of Connectivity
Mr Gary Chow, VP, Sales & Marketing, GOIP AULA LTD
Mr Gary Chow, VP, Sales & Marketing, GOIP AULA LTD
Email: [email protected]

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Retail Innovation in Adversity
In 2020, the COVID-19 affected the global economy, and the retail industry has encountered unprecedented challenges. In order to promote the use of new technologies in the industry and transform by innovative technologies, Hong Kong Retail Technology Industry Association (RTIA) together with the recent Retail Innovation Awards to share its retail innovation during the pandemic.
  Mr Keith Lee, Chairman, Award Organisation Committee, RTIA
Sharing from Retail Innovation Awards 2020 Awardees