[:en]Start-up Seminar @ RACE[:]


The jump-start event for talents who want to make their idea into a real digital business.

The programme will drive deep in how to start your ideas with the best methodologies and ground rules. Our invited speakers will walk you through steps in bringing success to your new business and share insights and tips in how to organise, run, market, finance and tackle your business!  Hong Kong Solopreneurs and entrepreneurs  – turn your ideas into gold!

*Seminar will be conducted in English only

Who should attend?

The seminar aims to get you on ground even if you are just dreaming of having your own business!  The seminar supports like-minded startups by sharing experiences and seek advises from companies who are still growing, providing a platform to listen and learn the best practices to scale your business faster.

  • Solopreneurs, entrepreneurs or any other start-up teams
  • Those who are looking to develop a new business
  • Those who want independence
  • Business Consultants